SSDP Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 4 of the Psychedelic Pipeline Mentorship Program

SSDP Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 4 of the Psychedelic Pipeline Mentorship Program

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This entry has been published on December 27, 2022 and may be out of date.

SSDP Now Accepting Applications for Cohort 4 of the Psychedelic Pipeline Mentorship Program

Since 2020, SSDP has been facilitating the Psychedelic Pipeline, connecting SSDP members and alumni interested in working with psychedelic medicines to quality training and career development opportunities, with a deliberate focus on providing access to people of color. We are now accepting applications for the streamlined 4th cohort of the 8-month mentorship program, connecting SSDPers to professionals currently working in the psychedelic field.

This cohort of our beloved psychedelic pipeline was made possible thanks to the generous support of Dr. Bronner’s.Did you know Dr. Bronner’s also makes incredible, sustainable and 100% vegan chocolate? Learn more here! 


Those interested in becoming a mentee are asked to fill out an application form before the deadline of January 16th, 2023. SSDP will then review the applications and assemble a list of diverse and skilled mentors. Information collected from mentee applications will be assembled into a separate list for mentors to review, and SSDP will help pair them with potential mentees. Mentees will have the opportunity to rank preferences based on information assembled on the list of mentors.

Mentors will arrange optional interviews with potential mentees and ultimately choose one or more with whom to work. Mentors will be expected to communicate with mentees at least once per month, focusing discussion and guidance on career development. Communication can occur via Zoom, phone, or any other method deemed best, opening the possibility of a remote connection. Each mentorship pairing will continue for eight months from the start of the program, which is anticipated to begin on February 27th, 2023. Depending on the ratio of mentors to mentees who apply, it is possible not everyone will be matched for this round. 

Who should apply? 

Psychedelic-assisted therapy and psychedelic research are the two most established career paths related to psychedelic science; however, they are far from the only relevant skill sets. If MDMA and psilocybin become legal for therapeutic purposes as many are forecasting, and if interest in psychedelic-related work continues to grow, professionals from diverse disciplines will be needed to support the expanding infrastructure.

Categories of mentorship outside of research and therapy include policy, communications, harm reduction, technical systems, program development, and event planning. This list is not exhaustive, and SSDP encourages anyone to apply who has a skill set—or intends to develop a skill set—they see as beneficial to furthering psychedelic medicine. 

Why apply to be a mentee?

Mentees will benefit from the program by getting connected to professionals in the field who are doing research, preparing to become psychedelic-assisted therapists, running integration groups, doing advocacy and policy work, and much more. Additionally, becoming a mentee may lead to collaboration on research projects, internships, and future employment.

Please note that for this streamlined year of the mentorship program, mentee applications will be limited to SSDP members and alumni who have been active members for at least one semester. 

Diversity and Inclusion

One area of pressing concern in psychedelic science is that of diversity. As the field now stands, people of color are not adequately represented in training, conferences, and studies. We are concerned that there won’t be enough therapists of color who can work to heal the trauma of racism that people of color face on a daily basis, much of which is interconnected with the War on Drugs. The pipeline provides a strong opportunity to shift this narrative, and SSDP strongly encourages people of color and all individuals of marginalized communities to apply and help build a diverse future of equal access and opportunity. 

How to Apply

Those interested in becoming a mentee can review the application process here, and fill out this form

Thank you for your interest in the Psychedelic Pipeline. If you have any further questions, please reach out to the Psychedelic Pipeline Director, Gina Giorgio, at

Dr. Bronners has been a long standing supporter of access to psychedelic medicine. Visit their blog page to learn more about their work with the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies(MAPS) and numerous other worthy causes.