SSDP International Opens Registration for the Annual UN Training Webinar Series

UN Training Webinar Series Registration Open Now
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This entry has been published on October 1, 2021 and may be out of date.

Following the launch of the Second Edition of Drug Policy Reform at the United Nations: A Youth Advocacy Handbook, SSDP International is proud to open registration for the Annual UN Training Webinar Series. This activity aims to cultivate core advocacy skills and provide relevant networking opportunities with key regional stakeholders for members keen to venture into international drug policy reform, as well as for those interested in deepening regional connections to advance change at home. 

Designed to serve SSDP’s UN engagement strategy for 2021-2022, the Series will combine informative sessions about UN institutions and proceedings, skill-building workshops, including public speaking and resolution analysis, as well as networking sessions for Europe and Africa. This holistic approach will allow SSDP to extend its UN presence both in Vienna and New York throughout the year, driving the increase of youth representation in policy making.   

The first one-hour session of the Series is scheduled to take place in the week of 25-29 October based on the availability of participants. This will be followed by one session every month until the Spring session of the UN Commission of Narcotic Drugs.

Both international and US network members are welcome to sign up using the SSDP UN Mailing List. Based on engagement from US members, specific networking opportunities for the region will also be arranged. 

After completing the Series, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to proactively get involved with UN advocacy: from the organization of side events to taking advantage of speaking opportunities and successfully lobbying one’s country delegation. Simultaneously, participants will be able to build their regional network and, in this way, consolidate the capacities of advocates in their own region. 

Deadline to sign up for the UN Training Webinar Series is 19 October, 8 pm CET. For more information, please email the Global Fellow at and follow SSDP’s social media channels and groups (@ssdpofficial), where we will hold informative Q&As and post insights from former SSDP UN delegates in the coming weeks.