SSDP Welcomes Jonathan Lubecky to Board of Directors

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This entry has been published on July 31, 2023 and may be out of date.

SSDP Welcomes Jonathan Lubecky to Board of Directors


Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is thrilled to welcome our newest Board member, Jonathan M. Lubecky, U.S. Army SGT(R). Jonathan’s addition to our team marks an exciting new chapter for our organization, and we are eager to integrate his vast expertise in advocacy, governmental affairs, and psychedelic medicine into our work.


Jonathan is the founder of Lubecky Strategic Direction, Veterans & Governmental Affairs Liason for MAPS, and VP Communications at Apollo Pact. He is a 12-year retiree of the U.S. Armed Forces, having served with distinction in both the Marine Corps and the Army. Jonathan has been a freelance journalist since 2014 and a Strategic Communications & Governmental Affairs Consultant advocating for psychedelic medicine and Veterans since 2016.

Having returned from deployment in Iraq in 2006, Jonathan was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and a traumatic brain injury. His challenging journey battling PTSD led him to MDMA-assisted therapy in a MAPS Phase 2 study, a protocol he completed in early 2015. Jonathan has experienced the life-changing power of psychedelic medicine, living free from PTSD having been healed as for as long as he has had PTSD.

In addition to his role as National Veterans Director for the Rand Paul for President campaign, Jonathan has made it his mission to advocate for the potential of psychedelic medicine to heal his fellow veterans and the millions of Americans suffering as he once did. His focus lies in working with the media, politics, and governmental affairs, particularly the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Based in Washington DC, Jonathan offers a unique and enriching perspective, along with invaluable experiences, to SSDP’s Board of Directors. His inclusion will catalyze a significant expansion of our work and outreach within the Veteran community, breaking barriers we’ve previously encountered. Tragically, many Veterans have been stigmatized and penalized for their drug use, often having to choose between unlawful access to essential medication or risking suicide by adherence to the law.

Now, we can offer a vital support system to these brave individuals, particularly on campuses where they might feel “out of place”. At SSDP, we believe in inclusivity; there is always room for everyone. We’re committed to working together to urge the VA and our government to cease punishing those who have made immense sacrifices for our nation’s safety.

We bear the responsibility to support them, ensuring they have access to any necessary medicine or mental health services that will facilitate their pursuit of long, fulfilling lives. With Jonathan on our team, we are poised to transform this plan into reality.