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Leeds University Union Mandated to Supply Reagent Kits to the Student Body

Written by: Matt Port ‘19 SSDP Leeds Chair and SSDP UK Committee Chair This year, Leeds University Union (LUU) passed a referendum that requires them to provide free reagent drug checking kits on campus! This a direct result of the actions of Students for Sensible Drug Policy Leeds, and we’re so excited about working with LUU on making it happen.

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The Importance of Drug Checking

by Evan Hazlett '17 of DePaul University SSDP A lesson I have learned over the course of my life is that it is important to establish your guiding principles and ethics as an individual in our beautiful, yet corrupt, world, and truly live by those principles and ethics. When it comes to drug use and addressing its harms, it is
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Making Israeli Music Festivals Safer Through Harm Reduction

Written by Yahav Erez ’17, Founder of SSDP Israel When I first received a drug checking kit from a friend this past May during a large music festival, I was skeptical about how much the kit would actually help. However, I also knew that the drug scene in Israel, like any country that prohibits the use of drugs, was a

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Drug checking in a prohibition culture

Unknown and adulterated substances are one of the many needless and grotesque cruelties of the War on Drugs, putting people at extraordinary risk that could be so easily avoided if drug checking were both legal and readily available. Approximately 80% of nightlife drugs are adulterated. Two new novel psychoactive substances are discovered in the global drug market every week. Fentanyl

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Recent “Ecstasy” Deaths Highlight Need for Reform

This article originally published on http://the-libertarian.co.uk/ Various countries have seen several deaths in recent months in connection with the illicit drug known as “Ecstasy” or “Molly.” Although these terms originally referred to MDMA, what is commonly sold under these names is increasingly cut with other substances, which are generally cheaper and in some cases dramatically more dangerous. This situation is typical

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