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Drugs and Peru

It’s a trend blowing through electoral politics and drug policy around the Americas. Last year, Mexico’s Felipe Calderon mentioned having a debate about legalizing drugs; last month, U.S. President Barack Obama told a YouTube audience that the debate needs to take place; Colombia’s President Santos has joined this chorus, now for a second time; in late January Bolivia sought and failed to achieve an

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SSDP Press Release

For immediate release: January 31, 2011 Contact: Washington DC Headquarters (202)293-4414, San Francisco Headquarters (415)875-9463 Student Activists Praise Obama’s New Position Welcoming Legalization Debate Statement in YouTube online town hall meeting called step in right direction, but still not enough Washington, D.C. — Officials at Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) today praised President Barack Obama’s statement last week indicating

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Petition to retain Hungary's Evidence Drug Policy

The European Union continues to register deep divisions in drug policy. On the one hand there’s Portugal, scion of the progressive movement, a country that offers treatment over incarceration for small amounts of possession. And on the other hand there’s Hungary, where years of progressive organizing around drug issues may have just evaporated, returning instead to the bete noire of prohibition. Hungary’s

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Google Runs Our Ad After Facebook Censored It

SIGN THE PETITION! Google has accepted our Just Say Now marijuana legalization ads.   Just this week, the ads were removed by Facebook, which claimed that the image of a marijuana leaf was in violation of its policy – despite the fact that the ad had at least 38 million impressions on Facebook earlier this month. The ads will begin running

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