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SSDP International Launches the Second Edition of Drug Policy Reform at the United Nations: A Youth Advocacy Handbook

To fulfil a more extensive UN Strategy for 2021-2022, SSDP International is proud to release the Second Edition of the Youth Advocacy Handbook.


November 2020 Report Card

What a year it has been for cannabis policy reform! Between the seven winning U.S. state ballot initiatives for adult use and medical cannabis legalization, the United Nations vote to remove cannabis from Schedule IV- recognizing its medicinal benefits, and the passage of the MORE Act in the United States House of Representatives, we have seen a historic blow to

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SSDP Report Card for April 2020

Note from the team As April drew to a close, SSDP members and supporters came together to create #Sensible2020: The Virtual Drug Policy Conference. Drug policy reformers, advocates, direct service providers, and people who use drugs came together to exchange learning and strategies for sustaining and fortifying our work through the coronavirus crisis. In the Q&A, on social media, and
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