Two thirds of SSDP’s board of directors are students who are elected by SSDP’s chapters each year during our national conference. The remaining third is appointed by the board in order to bring outside expertise and experience to the organization. SSDP’s Executive Director also serves on the Board of Directors.

The board of directors represents SSDP’s chapters at the national level and crafts strategy for the organization. They also hire and oversee SSDP’s Executive Director.

To view the Board of Director’s bylaws, click here.

Student Board members

Amanda Muller | Board Chair, Florida State University
Lauren Mendelsohn | Board Vice Chair, University of California Irvine Law School
Jurriaan van den Hurk | Board Secretary, Virginia Commonwealth University
Vilmarie Narloch | Roosevelt University
Evan Eisenberg | University of South Florida
Alec Foster | New York University
Frances Fu | Northwestern University
Jeremy Sharp | University of North Georgia
Sarah Merrigan | University of Nebraska Omaha
Rafael Gonzalez | Northwest Vista College
Reid Murdoch | University of Michigan Law School
Stephanie Izquieta | SUNY Binghamton

Appointed Board members:

Randy Hencken | Seasteading Institute
Kat Murti | Cato Institute
Eric Sterling | Criminal Justice Policy Foundation
Shawn Heller | Social Justice Law Collective
Dan Goldman | New York Cannabis Alliance