Meet Our 2024 Board of Directors Candidates

Meet Our 2024 Board of Directors Candidates

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As the largest national youth-led network dedicated to ending the War on Drugs, SSDP takes youth leadership seriously. Every year, the SSDP family comes together to elect new student members to the Board of Directors.

Serving on SSDP’s Board of Directors is an invaluable, incredibly rewarding experience and a crucial role in our organization. SSDP’s Board of Directors—which is comprised of both current student and youth Elected Directors, who are active chapter members elected by our membership, and Appointed Directors, who are appointed by the existing Board—is responsible for crafting strategy for the organization, overseeing compliance and financial affairs, and overseeing SSDP’s Executive Director.

The folks on our Board play a major part in growing SSDP and helping to end the War on Drugs while gaining a unique nonprofit management experience.

Meet Our 2024 Candidates

SSDP is a youth-lead organization that cannot exist without the input of our members.  Your voices and questions are important as your ideas are what drive our success.

Stay tuned: elections will happen March 7th – 8th!