We need your help in growing our infrastructure to continue the momentum

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This entry has been published on April 5, 2022 and may be out of date.

SSDP’s policy team has had some incredible victories this year, and we need your help in growing our infrastructure to continue the momentum! In 2022 alone, we have launched campaigns at the local, state and federal level. Dollar for dollar, SSDP has been incredibly effective at using our limited resources to advance sensible policies across the country. See below for just a sample of our achievements and victories!

  • University of Michigan SSDP announced the launch of their version of SSDP’s Resolution to Advance Sensible Drug Policy, the Ann Arbor Decriminalization and Addiction Treatment Campaign. The measure would remove funding for various controlled substance penalties in Ann Arbor, using saved enforcement money to fund naloxone distribution and medication assisted treatment-supportive recovery programs. The launch of Ann Arbor’s Resolution marks the launch of SSDP’s Model Resolution campaign. We will fight the War on Drugs at a local level to build support for state and federal decriminalization.
  • SSDP played an important role as a member of the marijuana justice coalition in building momentum for The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act of 2021, which would end the federal criminalization of marijuana, provide automatic expungement, and provide grants to impacted communities for employment programs, reentry guidance, youth resources. Over 375 SSDPers have sent messages to their Representatives through our Action Center, and SSDP has contacted all potentially supportive House Representatives to get them to vote YES on MORE!
  • SSDP recently partnered with Decriminalize Nature, Decriminalize Nature Michigan, and People for Healthy Choices Michigan on the Michigan Initiative for Community Healing (MICH) – a measure to defelonize penalties for controlled substances that currently include life sentences and lifetime probation, decriminalize the possession and cultivation of entheogens, decriminalize drug checking services, and create pathways for religious organizations and hospitals to develop psychedelic assisted mental health and ceremonial services. On Tuesday, we announced that we have been approved to gather signatures to get MICH on the 2022 ballot. Co-leading the passage of a state ballot measure is a major step for SSDP, signifying the strength of our state chapters, team, and alumni network.

For 23 years, Students for Sensible Drug Policy has fought to end the War on Drugs and support policy that promotes public health, justice, liberty, and compassion – in short, policies that make sense. However, we can not continue this important work without the generosity of our members and supporters. If you believe that youth engagement at every level of government will be a vital part of a more sensible future, please make a gift today to support SSDP’s grassroots policy efforts.

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