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We need your help in growing our infrastructure to continue the momentum

SSDP’s policy team has had some incredible victories this year, and we need your help in growing our infrastructure to continue the momentum! In 2022 alone, we have launched campaigns at the local, state and federal level. Dollar for dollar, SSDP has been incredibly effective at using our limited resources to advance sensible policies across the country. See below for

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Top 10 Drug Policy Reform Moments of 2021

by Robert Hofmann and Mike Liszewski With 2021 drawing to a close, Students for Sensible Drug Policy is reflecting on the drug policy milestones and victories over the past twelve months. Despite the challenges to political organizing that COVID provided, SSDPers and other drug policy reform advocates were busy advancing sensible laws and programs to end criminalization, reduce the harms

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It’s Time to Retire the War on Drugs

50 years ago today, former US President Richard Nixon declared drugs and people who use them “public enemy number one.” Since then, the global War on Drugs has taken the lives of thousands and ruined the lives of millions through criminalization, incarceration, and making drug use dangerous under prohibition.  The War on Drugs was racially motivated from the very beginning. John Ehrlichman,

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78 Students for Sensible Drug Policy Chapters Call On Congress To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

For Immediate Release Primary contact: Rob Hofmann, United States Outreach and Policy Coordinator, Students for Sensible Drug Policy(607) 316-0227, robert@ssdp.org Secondary Contact: Jason Ortiz, Executive Director of Students for Sensible Drug Policy(860) 639-8101, jason@ssdp.org Today, 78 Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) chapters sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi, House Majority Leader Hoyer, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy urging

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SSDP Press Release: Congress is Back for MORE to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

The reintroduction of the MORE Act would remove federal penalties for marijuana and seek to repair the harms caused by decades of racially biased policing. Today, leaders in the House of Representatives reintroduced a landmark bill to end federal marijuana prohibition and begin to repair the harms caused by decades of disproportionate arrests and prosecutions. The Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment, and

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February 2021 Report Card

This month, we announced the hiring of our new Executive Director, Jason Ortiz ‘08! In addition to being a longstanding alumnus of our network, Jason has been on the frontlines of the cannabis equity movement and has led over a dozen races for elected office as campaign manager and political consultant, bringing significant experience to the youth movement to end

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January 2021 Report Card

The Report Card is back! After taking a brief hiatus in January, we’re back to inform you on the exciting work SSDPers across the globe are doing.  This month SSDP International, our sister organization, held their Inaugural General Assembly. This historic moment for SSDP saw the election of the SSDP International founding Board of Directors, the adoption of a new

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September 2020 Report Card

As Students for Sensible Drug Policy is dedicated to making sure that young people from across the world are at the center of drug policy reform, over the last month we have rolled out some exciting new program changes. Alongside opening our International Office in Vienna in September, on October 1st, Róisín Downes ‘15 and Orsi Feher ‘16 signed the

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